Experience Powerful Transformation through Hypnotherapy

Is this familiar to you?

      • You appear okay to others but struggle inside
      • You know you are meant for so much more
      • You are filled with anxiety or indecision
      • You’re afraid of people knowing who you really are

The power of subconscious healing is that it can profoundly impact any area of your life very quickly.

      • Hypnotherapy can change your relationship with you
      • This allows you to change your thoughts and feelings
      • You will be in alignment with what you truly want
      • The results are fast, deep and long lasting!

Why? Because it works on your relationship with yourself – which allows you to change your thoughts and feelings and actions – and be in alignment with what you truly want.

Hi, I’m Lynette!

I’m a Rapid Transformational Therapist (RTT) and I work with people who want to remove barriers to having the life they truly want. RTT allows us to access your subconscious mind directly to find and heal barriers to your happiness quickly.

During your in-depth exploration call, we identify past issues and future goals. We then utilize a hypnosis session to identify root causes of these issues and develop a plan to heal your emotional blocks. Finally, you will receive a transformational recording to lock in the changes as you listen for 21 days!

Specializing In…

Finding Your Life Purpose

Having Wonderful & Lasting Relationships

Imposter Syndrome

Stress Reduction


Self Esteem Issues

Stop Smoking


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I have been plagued by insomnia for decades and received little relief even after going to a sleep clinic. Then a friend introduced me to Lynette, who provided one hypnotherapy session and created a lovely guided visualization to help me fall and stay asleep at night. It reinforced what we did during the session, and also included a couple of fresh ideas that worked. Now I am sleeping no less than 6 hours straight through on most nights. This is miraculous for me! I am very grateful for her assistance.

HM Cincinatti

I absolutely loved my RTT session with Lynette. She was so intuitive and able to really get to the root of my problem. She was able to easily connect all the dots of what I was sharing and then shift my perspective in a very empowering way on some issues I have been having for a long time. She helped me see them in a whole new light and in just one session. I am now achieving my personal goals beyond what I ever expected! I am super grateful and would definitely recommend working with Lynette!

CM California

I’ve had trouble with serious anxiety and depression most of my life. I panicked a few days before the session and Lynette provided a relaxation recording so I could get used to her voice. After two full sessions, the panic and anxiety left me. I couldn’t believe it. Nothing like that has ever happened to me so easily in 10 years of dealing with this. This work Lynette provided has truly been a miracle in my life.

DB Michigan


Rapid Transformational Therapy is a complete solution-based treatment method developed by world renowned therapist, Marisa Peer. Over her 30+yr career, she has refined RTT in such a way that it brings together the most effective and empowering principles of neuroscience, Neuro-linguistic programming, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy. According to Marisa, her clients have taught her everything she knows, and this is exactly why RTT is so powerful… because it works!

It is our true nature to feel joy, belonging, worthiness and well being, yet we go on feeling negative emotions for weeks, months and even years simply because we have tolerated them for so long that we have grown used to them. Though these habitual thoughts seem to fade from our awareness, we know they still hold power because we continue to experience their negative effects.

Our emotions are like a feedback system, letting us know if we are in alignment with our truest selves. Depending on how we choose to respond to that feedback, various pathways of thought are formed. When reinforced, these thoughts become our beliefs.

I liken having our beliefs onboard to traveling downstream. In this scenario, we experience a sense of flow and ease. On the contrary, when we are speaking and acting in such a way that is not true to our innermost beliefs, it is like dragging countless, unseen anchors along as we try to paddle upstream.

This is why using RTT to reframe our beliefs at their emotional roots is both powerful and permanent. As Dr. Joe Dispenza says, “A memory without the emotional charge is called wisdom.”

RTT offers the gift of new understanding.
With this wisdom, we regain the freedom to make choices from a place of awareness and empowerment.